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The Pasithea Powder is a monthly audio drama from Bad Wine Productions, a collaboration with Jackie Hedeman. The first two seasons are available wherever you listen to podcasts; the third season will be released July 2022.

The Pasithea Powder logo. A purple vial opens up into an explosion of stars, and the words "The Pasithea Powder" in a white serif font. The background is black.

On a faraway world, Captain Sophie Green is recovering from a war that ripped her planet apart and left her personal relationships for dead. Among the many atrocities committed on both sides was the invention of Pasithea Powder, a drug with memory altering properties. Thankfully, the drug has been eradicated and only a handful of scientists—now political prisoners—know how to recreate it. When Sophie sees one of those scientist walking free, she is forced to turn to an estranged friend for help.


The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name Trilogy is a series of screenplays co-written with Jackie Hedeman, about the incestuous circle of artists and socialites left behind after Oscar Wilde’s death.

A photograph of the angel statue on Oscar Wilde's tomb, covered in lipstick marks and graffiti. The words "Erin Go Brach" are visible on the angel's wing, and the words "Love Oscar" and "Oscar dreams in Mahogany" are visible on the angel's calf, along with a peace sign and many names.

Without Apology, co-written with Jackie Hedeman, placed within the top five for the 2020 Write LA Competition,  was a Finalist for the Diverse Voices 2019 Screenwriting Lab and was listed as a Second Rounder for the 2018 Austin Film Festival Script Competition.

In 1944, Judith Carpenter is sixteen and has just been separated from her best friend and sent to live with a distant cousin in Hove, England. There, two things gradually dawn on her: 1) her distant cousin is married to Lord Alfred Douglas, of Wilde trial fame, and 2) all the poetry in the world might not be enough to understand the way she feels about the friend she left behind.

A close-up of some graffiti on Oscar Wilde's grave. There is a drawing of a naked figure in sharpie, looking up, alongside the words "We're all in the GUTTER but some of US are looking at the STARS." Someone else has written a few RIPs in lipstick beside it, and a small white flower is placed on top.

A Romance of No Importance, co-written with Jackie Hedeman

In 1901, in Paris, Olive Custance is faced with a decision. Will she stay in her unconventional relationship with Natalie Barney or will she give in to convention and the kind attentions of George Montagu? To further complicate matters, Bosie Douglas, Oscar Wilde’s infamous lover, won’t leave her alone. As Olive struggles to choose between happiness, safety, and independence, she stumbles across her true match.

A photograph of someone graffiti-ing Oscar Wilde's tomb: only an arm is visible, finger-painting the phrase "GIVE IN" in lipstick on the side of the tomb.

Speak Its Name, co-written with Jackie Hedeman

In 1913, Robbie Ross has been protecting Oscar Wilde’s legacy for thirteen years, and no one has made it easy for him. Not the courts, not the public, and certainly not Alfred Douglas. With the past full of grief and the future uncertain, Robbie and Alfred Douglas struggle to define Wilde’s legacy.

A photograph of the plaque that used to rest at the base of Oscar Wilde's tomb. It reads "Respect the memory of Oscar Wilde and do not deface this tomb. It is protected by law as an historic monument and was restored in 1992." Below it repeats the message in French.